The Save USA Wind Jobs Coalition is fighting to extend the Production Tax Credit (PTC). By passing an extension of the PTC, Congress will save the American jobs currently in danger of being shipped overseas and help create more than 500,000 American jobs over the next 20 years. In the past, when the PTC was allowed to expire, wind installations dropped between 73 and 93%, with corresponding job losses.

About the Wind Power Industry:

The American wind energy industry is driving economic development across all 50 states today. 98% of the turbines in the U.S. are installed on private land. The farmers and ranchers who own that land can realize lease payments of up to $120,000 over a 20-year period for each turbine installed on their property. Additionally, a growing number of Americans are employed by the wind energy industry, especially in the manufacturing sector. Nearly 500 facilities across 44 states now manufacture for the wind energy industry. 60% of a wind turbine’s value is now produced here in America, compared to 25% prior to 2005. In that same timeframe (since 2005), the American wind industry has attracted average annual private investments in the U.S. of over $15 billion, and up to $20 billion in a single year.

The cost of wind energy has been reduced over 90% since 1980, recently driven by a surge in game-changing technology advances. Utilities are increasingly choosing to rely on wind power, recognizing its ability to guarantee low electricity rates for the long term. In fact, wind power has provided 35 percent of all new electric capacity in America over the past five years, more than twice coal and nuclear combined.

Wind energy is a natural way to create electricity from a domestic source that’s clean and renewable. Already, states like Iowa are getting 20 percent of their electricity from wind power, and the industry is creating thousands of new manufacturing jobs right here in America. Wind energy is helping our economy. This is the right way to approach our future energy needs.