Whether or not the legislators who have been serving your state or district for the past two (or more) years were victorious in the November elections, they have one more session left in their terms.  That session is termed the “lame duck” session, and it may last until the end of December.  It is likely that legislators will craft a bill during this session that seeks to extend many tax provisions that are set to expire at the end of this year. The bill will be referred to as a “tax extenders package,” and we need to make sure that it includes a renewable energy production tax credit (PTC) extension.

We need you to contact your legislators today and urge them to extend the PTC during the lame duck session, as part of this tax extenders package.

To email your legislators, please enter your contact information below. We have drafted letters for you, but we encourage you to personalize your notes, as that will really make an impact.